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Summer Training/Practice

Summer Workout Schedule (2018)

Summer Training plan can be accessed via the TrainHeroic app (download & sign up on your mobile device) or via

There are three different summer training plans based off how many miles per week you are able to run. Training begins on June 11th and runs until the first day of XC on August 20th.

Volume 1 (V1): runs up to 4 days per week and is good for athletes just getting into XC or coming off an injury. Access code = ehsxc1
Volume 2 (V2): runs up to 5 days per week and is good for athletes with some XC or track experience.
Access code = ehsxc2
Volume 3 (V3): runs up to 6 days per week and is for athletes who have ran XC & Track in the past without injury issues. Access code = ehsxc3
Training Plan & Summer Training Log: you access the training plan & record your daily training results thru the “Train Heroic” app on your phone or computer. If you want a paper copy email Coach Troy. Running workout are free to all EHS XC athletes.

June 11-24th: Meet after school by the matroom OR run on you own. IMS & EMS runners could run from IMS or EMS as a group, or carpool down to EHS to meet the team to run together.

June 25th: Start of Summer training times & locations (see below)
-Monday: Eastlake 10am-11:30am
-Tuesday: Beaver Lake (by lake) 10am-11:30am
-Wednesday: Eastlake 10am - 11:30am
-Thursday:  Redmond Town Center 10am-12pm (carpools leave EHS @ 9:30am)
-Friday: Soaring Eagle Park 10am-11:30am
-Saturday: Remlinger Farm (gravel lot) 10am-12pm

June 25th: Start of Strength Training (register in Registration/Purchasing)


  • In order to compete in the first meet you need 10 practices, starting from the time you turn in your eligibility card. (In order for a student to be able to participate the first day of practice, they must have completed all the eligibility forms and have clearance from the main office.  Athletes will not be permitted to practice without proper clearance).
  • If you miss a practice you MUST notify your event Coach.  If you notify your Coach before missing a practice, then verbal notification is acceptable.  If it is the day after then you will need to bring a note (or email) by a parent, and this must be given to your Coach the day after you were absent.  Attendance will be taken DAILY. (Practice starts at 2:45, unless otherwise noted by event Coach)
  • If you have an unexcused absence from practice (no notification or note) you may not be allowed to participate in that week’s meet. This also applies to Invitationals, Kingco, Districts and State.
  • As a general guideline: Two days missed in one week means you will not be allowed to participate in the next meet. (NOTE: The T&F week runs from Friday to Thursday). 
  • If you have three (3) unexcused missed practices, then you will have removed yourself from the team.
  • Be prepared for all practices and meets. Warm-ups (long-sleeve T-shirt, sweat shirt, running pants, etc) are REQUIRED for all practices and meets where there is even a slight chance of rain, or it is below 70 degrees, for at least the warm-up. Failure to do so may result in being sent home that day, which counts as an absence.
  • Occasionally some practices will be offsite from EHS. Event coaches will communicate those practice locations and dates. This is most common for the Distance squad.  Therefore, we need to drive from Eastlake to the practice.  This has been an awesome privilege, as running around Eastlake gets very monotonous and the roads/sidewalks are harder on the body than trails resulting in more injury.


Here is a typical practice day (specific event groups may vary):

2:45              Meet with Event coach.
2:55-3:10     Warming-up
3:10-4:45      Workout (rarely do we ever go past 4:45)
4:45-5:00      Cool-down (5 min jogging, 10 min stretching)
5:00              Go home

If you must miss a workout for an appointment or something, try not to miss a hard day, as you will fall behind the rest of the team. If possible, plan your appointments for after practice.  Note that we plan to be done most days before 5:00, but this can’t happen if you are not prompt about pre-warm up and warm-up.